View Full Version : NEED: Peaches 'n Cream Summer Splash in Lot # 166178

01-15-2009, 11:58 AM
I started my market bag (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Arielluria/everlasting-bagstopper) with dye lot # 166178, but had to put it away for Christmas knitting. I just purchased 2 more skeins HOPING it wouldnt be too different (though I could tell in the store these were lighter), but it is noticeably lighter!!!!!!!!!!

Id rather not have to restart the project, so I have 2 skeins of dye lot # 197144 of Summer Splash which Id like to trade for 2 skeins of Summer Splash dye lot #166178!

I searched yarns in Ravelry but most people don't list lot #s. I contacted a couple of people who did but no bites yet. :shock: