View Full Version : I keep making the same sock mistake

03-17-2009, 02:55 PM
I make the same mistake when I start to knit socks: I knit around counter-clockwise (on the inside of the sock I guess you would say) which is fine for the ribbing, but when I go to stockinette, the smooth side is on the inside also.

This time I just reversed the sock (turned it inside out), and now I can knit on the outside and the smooth side is on the outside also. I hope this will be ok.

I know this sounds so dumb, and I've made the same error so many times that my brain thinks I'm doing right.

Anyone else do this?

03-17-2009, 03:16 PM
There are NO dumb questions! :hug: Sounds like your doing reverse stockinette on the body of the sock if the smooth side is inside. So after you finish ribbing you are purling all the way instead of knitting all the way. The purl stitches are the bumpy ones and the knit ones are the smooth ones.

Sure you can just turn the sock inside out, it should look about the same. Though I can knit faster than purl, so if it were me I'd do it the other way just to be faster, but the end result will be about the same.

Better to learn the knit body of the sock though because once you get into following a fancy sock pattern, then the reverse might not look exactly as it's supposed to.

Does any of that make sense?!?:teehee:

Lisa R.
03-18-2009, 09:14 AM
I suspect that you're knitting on the wrong side of the needles. I had the same problem and couldn't figure it out to save my life!

When knitting on circulars or dpn's imagine the circle of knitting to be a cup...you should be knitting where you would drink out of the cup. If you're knitting on the opposite side of the circle, you'll be knitting with the right side of the knitting on the inside of the sock--i.e., knitting it inside out.

If that's not the problem, ask again, and we can try more trouble-shooting. :)

03-18-2009, 12:49 PM
Yes, you have it right, Lisa. I am knitting on the inside of the "cup" not the outside. I'm doing it correctly now, but it makes me mad that I am so dumb that I keep doing it wrong every time I start a stock. Believe me, it's much easier to do it the right way! Thanks to both of you for the support.

Jan in CA
03-18-2009, 12:57 PM
Yep, you're knitting inside out. The needles you are working on should be closest to your body, the circle of knitting should be away from you. Here's some pictures and instruction of how it should be done.

BTW.. you can always turn the sock right side out, but it's a good idea to learn the conventional method since patterns are written for knitting that way and it at some point it could be confusing.