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03-17-2009, 07:38 PM
I had this dream last night that has been on my mind all day and I am wondering what it might mean.So in my dream I was awakened by a strange noise in the middle of the night so I went to my front door and opened it,there was a full moon that lit up everything and in the moonlight I saw this medium size dog and she was making these terrible sounds,at first I was scared but then I went to her and as I knelt down to pat her I realized she was ready to give birth so I sat on the freezing cold ground and comforted her while she had her puppies in the moonlight.The really strange thing is the indescribable joy that I felt in my dream being there in that moment but I also felt pain for that poor dog that was out all alone before I went outside,I woke up feeling really attached to this imaginary dog.Has this happened to any of you?I have never had such strong feelings about a dream before,what do you think it means?

03-18-2009, 02:26 AM
My first raction is you want a baby.... But I am be rong maybe you just really want a dog and don't know it.

03-18-2009, 07:27 AM
My youngest is going to go to school in September so I have been feeling a little sad about that but I have had a tubal ligation so another baby is out of the question.

Denise in Michigan
03-18-2009, 02:02 PM
It could mean that you're beginning a new part of your life, one that seems a little confusing and frightening. If you let go, give of yourself, and do what you know how to do, you'll realize how rewarding and how right your new circumstances are for you. You can see needs that others pass by, create bonds where none existed before.

03-21-2009, 06:05 PM
I can't say I have any idea what your dream means... but I think the wonder of the dream is that you went outside in the middle of the night to comfort a strange dog you had never seen before. I think this speaks volumes as to who you are.

03-21-2009, 07:27 PM
The past few days my family and I have talked about possibly adopting a dog from one of our local shelters, We are doing some research as to what breeds are best suited for us and it looks like the little scruffy looking terriers are winning,that is of course unless the pretty girl in my dream appears which would really be weird but I am not counting it out,I'd be interested to hear anybody's doggie adoption stories if you want to share.

03-25-2009, 12:14 AM
I'm known in my family to be the crazy one who has weird dreams, so I know first hand how some dreams can "haunt" you during your waking hours. Good luck in finding what it means to you.

I have a couple of adoption stories to tell you about mine and my sister's fur babies from when we were younger.
The first darling doggie we adopted from our closest shelter was named Dizzie. She was about 3 years old when we adopted her. Her family's house had burned down and she, her mate, and one of her babies were in the kennel. The other two had found homes, so Dizzie was still waiting for a family. Dizzie was spotted black and white like a cow. She was sweet and potty trained, but was afraid to be inside the house. We assumed because of the trama of the fire. Anyway she turned out to be the sweetest, smartest dog we'd ever owned. She would sleep in an old recliner my dad put out in his wood shop (but only with the door open). Since we lived out in the boonies, it didn't matter that she ran free.Years later after our other inside dog(they were great together) had to be put down, she went a bit crazy and one day ran up to the highway right out in front of a semi truck. I've never had a heartache so bad over a dog (I'm a cat person) All in all it was a good expirence though.

The second doggie we adopted was Satan in female dog form. My sister just had to have this pommie mix she saw. Her name was sweetie, and she'd been through 2 homes since being at the shelter, and after 2 days with her I understood why. I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch folding and sorting laundry. She came up and sat on the couch beside my head, and I turned and looked at her and said "Hey squiggy" (our nick name for her) and she bit me on the face and drew blood. I told my dad and sister, but they were certian I provoked her. Next she started pooping in the floor at night in my dad's bed room, right where he put his feet in the morning. Then she quit going potty outside at all. She couldn't even be paper trained! She would be all lovey dovey with my sister or my dad, and would attack people's feet when they came in the house, so after a month of trying to work with her and taking her to the vet and trying behavior modification via training, we ended up taking her back to the shelter. They were very upset with us over the situation, and forbade us from ever adopting again. I think that they knew that the dog had a temperment issue and should never have adopted the animal to a family, a single person maybe but not a family. I think it just depends on the people at the center, and your own judgement in animals as to whether or not an animal will work out with your family.

03-25-2009, 03:27 AM
We have two dogs, both were 'road finds' in New Mexico, and I thank God for them every day. Maddie has been my best friend for fourteen years, Pokey (if you saw her, you'd understand the name) is my husbands. They sleep in the recliner and snore together, loudly, sometimes. She's hysterical, and there's not another dog like her.

Our local shelter has an area where you can take a dog to play with and to walk. According to Cesar Milan, that's an important step.