View Full Version : Bunny, Duck, Chick and Egg

04-04-2009, 07:12 PM
My grandbabies will get these in their Easter baskets. Sorry for the blurry pictures.
The little duck and the egg/chick was knit with Sugar & Spice cotton yarn and the bunny was knit with some kind of 'Cloud' yarn (forgot the name).
PS: oh yeah, the Sponge Bob hat is for my grand son, he LOVES Sponge Bob.

04-04-2009, 07:16 PM
Everything is so cute! I love all the Easter things that have been posted here.

04-04-2009, 07:28 PM
These are amazing! :happydance:

Jan in CA
04-04-2009, 07:55 PM
Awww so cute!!

04-04-2009, 07:59 PM
Those are so cute. And the Spongebob hat is a riot, love it!

04-04-2009, 08:27 PM
thanks for the nice compliments! These were all so fun to knit up. The Sponge Bob Square Pants hat was a hit with my little grand son. He's only 17 months old but he loves Sponge Bob, he calls him "bob bob".
He loved his new hat!
He looks so cute in the hat! I love little kids that age, you can dress them in anything and they wont complain!
The egg & chick pattern says to spray hair spray on the egg shells to make them stiff, then with a couple stitches sew them together a little bit.
Thank you again,

04-05-2009, 07:16 AM
Nice job, brings a smile thinking about your lucky grandkids

04-05-2009, 09:12 AM
Everything is wonderful!! They are so cute!!! Great job!

04-06-2009, 09:50 AM
:happydance:very cute!

04-06-2009, 10:01 AM
TOO CUTE! What a great job :)

04-06-2009, 10:54 AM
Love them all:yay: Where did you get the Sponge bob pattern from?

04-06-2009, 12:00 PM
They are so sweet!

04-07-2009, 02:21 AM
I don't know which one is my fav!!! They are all soooooo incredibly adorable! You are a great knitter and a wonderful grammy!

04-07-2009, 07:22 AM
Oh my gosh, they are adorable! My grandson would LOVE a Sponge Bob hat like that -- where did you find the pattern?

04-07-2009, 11:47 AM
Oh, thank you for all the nice replies!! The Sponge Bob Hat pattern I got on Ravelry. It isn't exactly the same, because the pattern has you crochette the eyes, noes and mouth and I just knit them in. It is a basic ear flap hat pattern I think, with Sponge Bob's legs being the ear flaps and i-cord ties.

Thank you again,sue

04-07-2009, 08:19 PM
Did you devise the Sponge Bob hat yourself? It is very clever, and funny. I'll bet it is cute on. I'm glad your little grandson likes his "bob bob" hat.

I love your Easter toys. The little chickie in the egg is darling, opening and closing it and taking the chickie in and out will be fun. I like the curly eared, pink bunny too and the duck is so sweet. He'll have to use his little wings for balance while he is learning to walk on his big feet. :-)