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06-06-2009, 02:49 AM
Thick and thirsty cushy and absorbent!!! Only 2 stitches and if you learn the lazy purl= it will change your mind forever how you feel about purl=almost effortless
Min hangs from an antique wrought iron holder in the kitchen Once your friends see it = they will all want one as it is a lovely gift
My friends who have one said they have saved a ton on paper towels and knitted ones work so much better
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06-06-2009, 02:41 PM
I'm going to have to try this pattern...can Lily cotton thread or yarn be used? I've made dish cloths before and they were nice, but not sure if this is the same type of yarn.


06-06-2009, 05:02 PM
I think you could use one of the heavier crochet threads doubled, or if single, very small needles. If it says it's 'mercerized' on the label though, it won't be absorbent.

06-06-2009, 06:35 PM
I've tried several different brands of cotton worsted and have yet to find one that is properly absorbent. Every dishtowel I've made has found its way to the Goodwill bag. Don't think I'll make any more.

06-07-2009, 02:55 AM
See the huge variety in yarn only stores Cotton yarns can be so different Look for long staple cotton It shows in the wear Think of how short staple blue jean cotton shrinks and shows wear and then think of a shirt with 100% cotton with a bit of sheen that looked like new even when you outgrew it
Mercerization brings the sheen and brings out the color and makes it last Worsted yarn is totally different than thin crochet thread
I prefer mercerized worsted long staple cotton as it lasts forever and is silky and the color stays true for years . Pima ( American) and Egyptian cotton are superior as is Peruvian long staple cotton Here are some brands that I prefer When we read the label we understand more what we get with our money

In line Clip ( mercerized Egyptian long staple cotton)- thick and absorbent holds true colors for years and looks like new Mine outlasts store bought terry dishrags and towels I have some that are 4 +years old and look new and dry well and pick up water easily

Classic Elite Provence- again beautiful thick worsted mercerized long staple Egyptian cotton lovely stuff and lasts and lasts Brilliant vibrant colors that stay clear over time which is a joy and absorbent
P and C - 5/2 cabled mercerized cotton It is braided and lasts and is strong
Cotton tape ( discontinued ) by Rowan like flat shoe laces but made beautiful thick cushy cloths that are still workhorses in my kitchen and look great Might be able to find some on ebay or from Ravelers who are selling old yarn stash Not mercerized but nice
Cotton tots - available in non speciality stores Thick 2 ply with a binder thread wrapped Makes lovely facial cloths and baby blankets I have a few dishcloths from this which again are coming up on 5 years old and look great ( not mercerized but very very soft)
Cotton Fleece- thick and cushy and soft and absorbent
There are many other great brands and I am slowly trying more

Please do not think that one can know about cotton knitted items if one does not explore all that is available If we pay a bit more up front -it saves when the item lasts for years. I have a friend who has hand knit cloths from over 10 yrs and still going strong Mine are not faded/not worn and look great after years of use I wash several a week as I believe in only one days use ( warm and wet breed germs) so they are washed often without special care. I also put my sponges and Tuffys in high temp dishwasher to sterilize them ( 150 degrees) but as they wear out I am replacing them with knit ones :)
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06-07-2009, 03:02 AM
I would look for the word WORSTED on the yarn label and look for the phrase "long staple" It makes ALL the difference I use a size 10 with my worsted cotton because it will shrink( yup) a lot
I would try yarn speciality stores and on line yarn stores ravelry ( folks sell yarn to destash!)
Linen sport wt tripled will make a worsted yarn and linen lasts for generations Some folks have unraveled a 100% linen sweater and reknit it as a cloth ( me) and it is soft and absorbent
If the cotton yarn you use fades or fluffs away over time- dont give up on cotton There is much more out there Look in different stores!