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06-18-2009, 08:43 AM
Some of you may recall that in late March 09 I bought an antique sock cranking machine. It came with 6 lessons, so far I have had 2. It has been a challenge to learn, but I am progressing. I can actually knit a very basic pair of socks (using "mock ribbing") in about 2 hours. Never mind the fact that each sock is supposed to take only 10 minutes to do. I'm thrilled with doing a pair in 2 hours. So far I have made 9 pairs. In order to do true K/P ribbing, I need to learn to use the ribber. I am going to a 2 day "Crank in" next weekend. (30 people with their cranking sock machines, and 2 days to crank uninterrupted..I can hardly wait!) Perhaps I'll learn how to use the ribber there. If not, I'll learn at my next lesson. (that won't be until August..our schedule is to nuts to practice consistently until then. I quickly learned that I need to practice ASAP after having a lesson, way to much info to remember otherwise.)
I am finding some good affordable sources for sock yarn. Still doing hand knitting as well. It's all fun and people love getting socks, even beginner ones, as a gift. :)


06-18-2009, 10:56 AM
Thanks for the update!

The Crank In sounds like a lot of fun. You will probably be able to learn lots just by spending the whole weekend w/so many other sock machine knitters.