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07-16-2009, 01:25 PM
i want to make my sister in law's pop up sun hats for Christmas.
i saw the idea in tsarina's blog (http://www.tsocktsarina.com/blog/?m=200705). she has no pattern to speak of really but im gonna try to make these hats based on pictures.

a couple of questions tho...
how long should the "tube" be.
would ribbing or ribbon work better for fit purposes?
im kinda leaning twards ribbing for a no hassle feature. what do yall think?
how would i encase the pop up wire? meaning sizing it to the hat dimentions, and does it need to be encased before adding it to the hat?

or shoot.... if someone has a pattern already for this hat....please send it to me. or let me know where it is.

as for now, i will be casting on for hat number one and taking pleanty of notes.Crossed Fingers and checking back here for some help.:frog:

07-17-2009, 08:47 AM
She says she used the wire out of a pop up trashcan, like this one. She found her's at the dollar store, I've seen them at Walmart for a couple bucks more then that. Encased in muslin - probably to keep the ends from poking you.

For the hat, you'd want something this shape: this one is crochet, but the sort of shape you want: http://www.vogueknitting.com/patterns/free/2008/floppy-brim-hat.pdf
Here's a knit one that would work:

I made this one years ago, it's fabric not knit. But the company sells hat wire specifically for pop up hats.