View Full Version : Help Please With a Pattern.. All Purpose Knitted Afghan

12-17-2009, 01:06 AM
]I got this pattern free on the net (just Google the name and there it is!) very pretty...and looks simple
Only after I cast on the 210 required stitches and successfully worked (I thought) the first three rows... I realized.. YIKES! something is not right!
So I tried to do a practice small version (Yes.. it ought to have come first!) only I do not understand the 11+1 pattern ..How many stitches do I cast on .. to make a small three or four repeat of the pattern to practice?
also.. I think I am doing the YO's correctly.. but on the next row.... do I knit them or ignore them or..???
Any help is greatly appreciated...

12-17-2009, 07:45 AM
To do a smaller size sample, say youwant 3 pattern repeats, cast on 3 x 11 and then add 1 more so 34 stitches. that will give you a size just like shown at the top of the pattern. If you want it 4 repeats wide, cast on 4 x 11 +1 = 45.

row 2 is the row after the yo row and it says to purl so you'll purl the whole row. Don't ignor the YOs, you need to purl them.