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02-25-2010, 11:48 PM
Hi all, been awhile since I posted anything, but I'm making an outfit for my granddaughter, and I am so totally lost. It's called "Ruffled Edge Top and Pants" and it's in Bernat Baby Jacquards "Play Day".
I'm working on the front of the top. Here's where I'm stuck!
"Shape front neck: 1st Row: (RS) K16 (17-18-19). Turn. Leave rem sts on a spare needle.
***Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 2 rows, then every following alt row 3 times more. 11 (12-13-14) sts.
Cont even until armhole measuers 5 (5 1/2-5 1/2-6) ins ending with a purl row.***
Buttonhold band: Knit 2 rows. Next row: K3 (3-4-4), yfwd, K2tog, K2, yfwd, K2tog, K0 (1-1-2) sts. Knit 2 rows. Cast off knitwise (WS)
With RS of work facing, slip next 10 (12-12-14) sts onto st holder. Join yarn to rem sts and knit to end of row.
Rep from *** to *** as given above. Cast off"
I'm not sure what to do with the buttonhold band. Where do I knit this??? I have done the neck shaping. I'm just not sure how to do this part. If anyone can help me figure this out, I would be greatful. You can email me at iceprincess_018552@yahoo.com (iceprincess_018552@yahoo.com)
Thanks in advance