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catpersontoo 10-05-2010 07:01 PM

Help, I too need a discontinued yarn if available
I have come up short with this yarn and need another 11ozs/312gms/615 yards/562 meters, #5 Bulky, 100% acrylic (this was on the wrapper around the yarn). It's a discontinued yarn I got from JoAnn's and I'm hoping someone has an extra skein they wouldn't mind selling to me. It's Sensations-Rainbow Classic. The color is red-turquoise. If anyone has this particular color and isn't going to use it, I will pay the original price and not the discount price that JoAnn's was selling it for, plus shipping and handling. Thank you, Sara Rawlins

kmaclean 10-06-2010 01:03 AM

Several Ravelry members have this yarn in Red/Turquoise in their stash ... click here to check it out. A few of these people only have one skein listed, so maybe if you're lucky it's left over from a project they've already completed and they won't mind selling it to you. You could always try contacting them to find out! :thumbsup:

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