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MTex 10-08-2010 11:03 PM

Problem with Pick Ups and Short Rows
I am working on adding a collar on a shrug. The pattern says to first pick up 32 stitches on the right side of the shrug. This is where it gets confusing.

After the pick up row, it says "Work short-rows to shape collar while picking up additional sts around opening as foll:"

I can find videos to do short rows and some to do pick up stitches but not both together. I am confused how you accomplish the wrap while picking up the next stitches to increase.

Has anyone give direction or point to a good video?

suzeeq 10-08-2010 11:31 PM

You don't always have to wrap for the short rows, you can slip a stitch and that helps, or you just turn and do a ssk or k2tog dec instead.

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