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dimile 10-30-2010 08:01 PM

help! cant get the decreasing tip
please i cant understand how to do it!
DECREASING TIP: Make all dec from RS. Dec 1 st on each side of st with marker as follows: Slip st before st with marker on cable needle behind piece, slip 1 st as if to K, (= st with marker), K tog next st and st on cable needle, psso (= st with marker).
can someone write the same but more simple??? how i should use that cable needle??? do i need two needles?? normal and cable? cant get it at all........ help help!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

suzeeq 10-30-2010 11:44 PM

Put the st before the st that has the marker onto another needle or holder and hold it behind your work, slip the st with the marker knitwise to the R need and knit the next st on the L needle together with the one that's being held and pass the slip st over. You can use a paperclip or bobby pin to hold the one st out of the way until you need it.

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