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ziimariebii 11-03-2010 04:45 PM

Sock Help Again!
Hi Everyone,
This sock knitting is becoming madness. Apologies for all the quesitons..

I bought yarn that is just way too thin.. my needles are size 3..I am curious to what blend/type of yarn would be good for winter type socks...

Also, can I use fluffy yarn for around the house type warm socks? would the 3 needles work with this fluffy yarn? My mom likes fluffy socks and it would be nice to make her some for x mas..

Thanks for your help!

boyforpele13 11-03-2010 05:29 PM

Size 3 needles are sort of large for standard fingering weight sock yarns (unless you have a VERY tight gauge.) I'd be looking for DK weights if you want to stick with that needle size.

As for the fluffies, sure, you could, but durability is always a question when using non-wool/non-reinforced yarns for an item that will be, well, worn. :) I'm not sure how comfortable a fluffy yarn would be on the soles, either, but it depends what you mean by "fluffy". Maybe use the fluffy for instep and cuff?

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