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rwengert 11-21-2010 12:33 AM

Can anyone help me with a pattern?
My pattern states for 74 stiches P1, *K12, [yf, K2tog] 6 times, *rep* twice more P1.

Then the next row states K1*P12,*to* twice more, K1.

Once I K2tog I don't have enought stiches left for the 2nd row because I have decreased them all off.

The pattern should be a ripple pattern or simlar to a wavey line but I can'f figure it out.

It is a NORO pattern from the World of Nature.

Can anyone give me any help with this?

suzeeq 11-21-2010 12:35 AM

The 'yf' is yarn forward which is the same as a YO and adds the st the k2tog takes off. A YO is done by wrapping the st around the needle as for a knit st, then do the k2tog.

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