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mdkb901 11-29-2010 01:35 PM

i am working on another scarf i am working in a rib pattern
cast on 22
row 1 *K2 P2 Rep from* last 2 sts K2
Row2 *P2 K2 Rep from* last 2 sts P2
Cont in rib pat until work from beg measures 70ins (177.5 cm cast off in ribbing
so how many row is 70 ins and how do you cast off in ribbing. thank you for your help

kmaclean 11-29-2010 02:07 PM

It doesn't matter how many rows you knit, you just keep knitting until your scarf measures 70 inches (or the length that you want it to be). Every knitter is different, so it will take different people a different number of rows to achieve the same 70 inch scarf. This is why a lot of patterns give their directions in terms of inches rather than rows.

As for casting of in rib, you just keep working in your rib pattern as you bind off ... so, during your bind off row you work each stitch as you would according to your pattern - the only difference is that after you've worked the stitch you bind it off rather than leaving it on the needle.

There may be a video here that shows binding off in a rib pattern, I'm not sure. :think:

If not, perhaps someone else will be able to describe the bind off better for you ... I don't feel like I'm putting it into words very well! :doh:

mdkb901 11-29-2010 02:32 PM

thank you

suzeeq 11-29-2010 02:44 PM

The cast off is really like doing another row of the pattern, except that you don't leave a stitch on the R needle. Whichever row you begin with depends on if you're at the beginning of a k2 row or p2 row when you get to 70" or however long you want it. So either begin with k2 and pass the first st over, then p1 and pass a stitch over, p1 and pass a stitch over, k1 and pass a stitch over and so on. OR - begin with p2, pass a st over, k1 pass a stitch over, k1 pass a stitch over, p1 pass a stitch over and so on.

mdkb901 12-02-2010 12:55 PM

this is the needle i am trying to find out the size

suzeeq 12-02-2010 01:22 PM

That's a really long one. Measure from tip to tip, but it looks like a 36 or 40" length. You can knit a scarf with it, but the extra cord can get in your way. For the needle tip size, you need to get a needle gauge for about $2 from the local craft store that sells yarn, even Walmart has them. It has holes in it you poke a needle into to determine the size.

But for a scarf it won't matter so much, just CO 22 sts and knit the pattern until you run out of yarn or reach a length you want. To cast on in pattern, you work the first 2 sts as usual then pull the first one on the R needle over the 2nd one. Then work the next st, pull the first one over, and so on across the sts. Look at the Casting off page to see a video.

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