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Antares 12-02-2010 12:11 PM

Need to learn a looser cast on--any ideas?
Thus far in my knitting life, I have used the long-tail cast-on with great success. However, whenever I'm trying to knit something in the round, my long-tail cast-on invariably does not "meet in the middle" even though I've used two and three sizes larger needles and the shortest knitting cable I can find (like 12 or 16 inches).

I'm sure you folks have some great ideas for a better (i.e., looser) CO method I can use. Please do share them!

By the way, my short-term fix for this is to crochet a chain of the correct number of stitches. Then, using a Tunisian crochet hook, pick up stitches in all of the chain spaces and transfer them to knitting needles. This actually worked quite well and although I doubt my idea is a new one, it just might be something someone else would prefer to try for a CO edge since you do end up with a nice crocheted edge.

suzeeq 12-02-2010 12:46 PM

That's really a factor of how many sts you cast on, and the cast on is always going to be about 80% of the width of the knit item, no matter which CO you use. Using a bigger needle for LT usually just makes the loops on the needle larger, but doesn't affect the loops from the thumb. The stretchienss of this CO comes from the tension on the thumb yarn and the spacing of the sts; so don't pull it tight and leave at least a yarn width between the sts instead of snugging them up close.

You can use the single loop version of Magic loop and pull out a loop of cord between stitches to get the ends together. Try out other cast ons from the Cast Ons page, just don't pull the yarn tight when you make them.

Jan in CA 12-02-2010 01:59 PM

Yep, you either need to cast on more or consider your method for knitting in the round.

What are you making, how many did you cast on, and what length cable on your circular needle if that is your method.

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