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sheldon 12-05-2010 12:33 PM

The iPhone App is Now Available!
Hey everyone,

Amy and I are pleased to release the Video Reference iPhone App (also will work on iPod Touch and iPads). :cheering: It took us nearly 11 months and countless hours to get this project done. Phew! The app is a video reference containing every video from this website, organized and categorized for quick access. The videos are stored on the phone, so there is no waiting for the videos to download. This means you can access the videos offline from anywhere. Basically it's a pocket version of all the videos on this website, all for $4.99.

You can read more about the app here:

And you can download the app either by going here:

Or searching iTunes (on your computer or iPhone/Ipod) for KnittingHelp.

We will be adding a quick search and knitting abbreviations to a future release of the app which will be a free upgrade to anyone who has already purchased the app.

Anyone who does download the app, please please pretty please take a moment to give us a review and rating in the app store. This will help the app gain some visibility in the app store (currently it's at the bottom of the list for knitting).

For those on Android phones, we are exploring the option of making an Android version. It does take a lot of work and time to make these apps, so we're not certain. We first want to see how this one fairs, as well as take a bit of a break! :mrgreen:


sheldon 12-06-2010 10:35 AM

Has anyone downloaded this yet? I'd be curious to hear your feedback. Amy and I are already planning improvements, so we'd love to get your thoughts.


kmaclean 12-06-2010 02:32 PM

This sounds great! I'd love to be able to always have all of your videos available wherever I am. Unfortunately I use a Blackberry rather than the iPhone. :pout:

Hopefully all of the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users out there will give this a try so that there might be some possibility of there being a KH app for the Blackberry in the future! :knitting:

sheldon 12-06-2010 03:02 PM

I'd love to make a version for every possible smartphone, but probably not feasible. Maintaining a half dozen different versions of the app for various devices would be quite a chore. I will be exploring the possibility of doing an universal version that would work for all smartphones. Things are relatively new in this domain, so I am not 100% positive what it entails.

Jan in CA 12-06-2010 03:38 PM

I've got the new app on my iPod and it's AWESOME! It's great having all the videos and more information available wherever I am and without having to have a connection to WiFi! Thanks Sheldon and Amy! :thumbsup:

kmaclean 12-06-2010 03:47 PM

I realize that it's impossible to make so many different versions ... the idea of a universal app might be a good one to explore in the future, depending on what all is involved.

Regardless of that, all that you do here on KH is much appreciated by all of us ... we're very lucky to have you as a resource! :muah:

Maybe this will be a reason to reconsider the iPad .... :think:

DianeB 12-06-2010 04:15 PM

Yay! I will definitely be downloading this App.

sheldon 12-06-2010 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by kmaclean (Post 1307273)
Maybe this will be a reason to reconsider the iPad .... :think:

The ipad is super. I love mine. The KH app is officially an iPhone/iPod Touch app, but it will work on the iPad too. It's just not formatted to take advantage of the large screen of the iPad.

natalief 12-06-2010 10:49 PM

I have just commented to your twitpic:
"Wow - £2.99 in the UK when the videos are available free on the web? I think not! If it was free…"

If it was free or 59p then I would use it.

kmaclean 12-06-2010 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by natalief (Post 1307335)
"Wow - £2.99 in the UK when the videos are available free on the web? I think not! If it was free…"

If it was free or 59p then I would use it.

I'm not sure what the currency exchange is ... perhaps it is more expensive in the UK than it is in North America, but you have to remember that it's only a one time fee to purchase and download the application. Once you've downloaded it, you have it to use as a resource as often as you like.

Applications like this time and money to create and maintain ... they can't all be offered for free. In my experience, when you pay a few dollars for an app you end up with a way better product than those that you're able to get for free.

In my opinion it's worth it, but everyone is different ... and it depends on how much you're going to end up using the product, too. :thumbsup:

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