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MindySue19 01-03-2011 04:00 AM

cast on midway through pattern...
The pattern I am working on (a bath mitt) calls for 1 st to be cast on, but it's part way through the pattern..

Can anyone explain to me why that is and how to do it?

Shandeh 01-03-2011 07:19 AM

Do you have a link to the pattern?

There are different ways of casting on within a pattern. Sometimes it's at the beginning of the row, or the end of the row, or in the middle of the row. The technique is different, depending on where you are casting on.

hyperactive 01-03-2011 07:52 AM

what mostly works, is "knitting on" (see video above).
when you work in rounds, you just do it when you get to the gap or spot.
When you work in rows (back and forth) you get to the gap, turn your work, knit the stitches on and turn back around to keep working.

MindySue19 01-03-2011 06:33 PM


Do you have a link to the pattern?

Here is the link to the pattern of the project I am working on:

The pattern has three parts:

~The first is casting on and beginning the first bunch of rows to the mitt.
~The second is shaping the thumb.
~The third is shaping the top.

To help you find where I am stuck I put these sections in the same order as they appear on the pattern. I am just finishing up the shaping of the thumb.

Thank You for any help that anyone can give me.


suzeeq 01-03-2011 06:52 PM

The cast on 1 st is to help make the thumb sts a little more flexible. So, knit partway across (29 sts) then turn as if you're at the end of the row. Knit into the first st on the L needle, but leave the st on the needle and put the new one on too. Then knit 14 sts which includes the new one. Turn again and knit only these 14 sts to make the thumb.

MindySue19 01-03-2011 07:22 PM

Oh! ...okay, I think i understand it now! thank you for all the help!

Since I'm on here, I guess I'll ask the LAST questions for this pattern, then it'll be done-and I can be proud of knitting something that doesn't have 4 sides! YAY!

My LAST questions for this project are:

~When sewing the seams of a project; you use yarn, not thread, right? Do you need a special kind or can I just use the same stuff I made the mitt out of (A 4ply, worsted weight, 100% cotton) so it'll match?
~When a pattern says "picking up remaining sts..." do you just slide the visable loops onto a needle, until you have the number you need?
~What does "S" mean (ex. K1. S11. K1. S11...)?
~what does "psso" mean, and how do you do it?
~when this project is done you have the option of adding a "hanging loop". But you make it by crocheting, and I've never crocheted. Is this easy to do? Or should I not bother with that part because it's difficult? ...but thenagain I don't think I even have a crochet hook....
~Is there no way in knitting to make a chain like if you were to crochet one? OR does anyone have ideas for what I could do instead of the crochet chain, that'd give me a "hanging loop"?
*the link to this project's pattern is above.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me through this pattern, and given me the knowlege and confidence, to finish this project. Well, thanks to you all, I know a LOT more about knitting than I did when I started this project. Thank You!!!

suzeeq 01-03-2011 07:48 PM

Use the same yarn you made the item with. I've sewn on buttons using a split length of the sweater yarn; cut a length of it and unply it so 4 strands become 2.

Where the pattern says " Pick up and knit 2 sts under thumb." it means you actually have to make sts there. In the place where you CO 1 st, insert the R needle as if to knit a stitch and wrap the yarn around and draw through. That's pick up and knit 1, do it again, or do a m1 between sts and there's your 2 sts. The next row you knit those 2 tog, that will help close up the gap between the thumb and hand.

"What does "S" mean (ex. K1. S11. K1. S11...)?"

That's actually SL 1, not S 11. On some fonts the lowercase L looks like a 1. So that's really k1, sl 1, k1 sl 1. To slip a stitch, just move it to the other needle. And it's really "Sl1. K1. psso." which is a dec - skp or ssk, and there's a video on the decreases page. Psso means 'pass slipped stitch over', over the k1 st.

You can make the loop with your fingers, here's a page that shows how to do a crocheted chain, just use a finger instead of a hook.

MindySue19 01-04-2011 02:53 AM

And I thought I was done with the questions for this pattern! :)

But, I seem to have found another part of the pattern that I'm unsure of.


Next row: (K2tog) 5 times. 5 sts. Break yarn leaving a long end. Thread through rem sts. Draw up tightly and fasten securely. Sew thumb seam.
With RS of Mitt facing, join yarn to rem sts. Pick up and knit 2 sts under thumb. Knit to end of row.

Next row: Knit, knitting tog the 2 sts picked up under thumb. 36 sts.
Knit 16 rows even.
When they say "break yarn..." are they talking about the end that I've been knitting with this whole time? And, if so, how do I "join yarn to remaining sts..." how do I do that?

Shandeh 01-04-2011 04:21 AM


Originally Posted by MindySue19 (Post 1310348)
When they say "break yarn..." are they talking about the end that I've been knitting with this whole time? And, if so, how do I "join yarn to remaining sts..." how do I do that?

To break the yarn, you just stop knitting with that yarn, and cut it about 5 inches from the piece you are knitting. Leave that end hanging, and you will weave it in later.

To join yarn, you just start knitting with a new strand of yarn. I usually start knitting about 4 or 5 inches from the end, and knit with both the yarn and the tail for a couple stitches. Then, I will drop the tail, and leave it hanging until the project is complete...then I'll weave it in, along with the rest of the yarn ends.

Lots of times, a knitted project will look "hairy" with all those yarn ends hanging, but they all get worked in eventually.

MindySue19 01-06-2011 12:26 AM

Okay, I am still having a problem with this part...
I have finished the thumb, so I now have no working thread (since I had to cut it to finish the thumb...)
I have gone through the glossary and video sections of this website, and the closest thing I can find is in the free tutorial video's section, there's a video example on how to "pick up sts" can someone watch this video and explain it to me...? Is this what I'm supposed to be doing?
There's a link to the pattern above ...but I'n getting stuck where it says...:


With RS of Mitt facing, join yarn to rem sts. Pick up and knit 2 sts under thumb. Knit to end of row.

Next row: Knit, knitting tog the 2 sts picked up under thumb
PLEASE help! I just DO NOT understand this part!!
Thank You, Mindy

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