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sydneyf01 01-11-2011 02:01 PM

Bind off Problem
I am a new knitter and each time I bind off, I have a loose stitch the row below bindoff. How do I prevent that from happening

MerigoldinWA 01-11-2011 04:03 PM

Hi, that little loose stitch thing at the end of the bind off is a stumper. If you have Ravelry (maybe even if you don't, not sure if you can access it if you are not a member) here is an article that explains why it happens and offers a cure. Rox's Ravelry Article But my attempts at using the second one didn't seem to be a cure to me. (Well, if you pull it down nice and snug, maybe it is a help. Try it.)

Tip 1 was finish your bind off differently than the often used cut the tail and pull the end of it through the last stitch loop. Instead when you have 1 stitch loop left on the needle, leave the needle in place, cut the yarn, and pull up on the needle until the tail pulls through. (I also like to hold on to the stitch at the end as I pull up to give it some support so it won't stretch.)When I first heard that idea I thought things would come apart doing that, but they don't. :)

The second idea the gal gave was when you are binding off and have 1 stitch left, to knit into the center of the stitch just below the stitch loop on the left needle. Let the stitch above come off the left needle as the new stitch loop is formed on the right hand needle. Now lift over like usual and then end like in tip 1.

Another idea was to try to make things look better when you work in the tail. That can also be added into the other 2 things. If you are going to seam the item and this will be in the seam don't worry about it. I don't do #2 above, but sometimes do #1. It is only slightly annoying. I usually don't notice it being a big problem. Maybe if you had real big yarn and needles it would be though.

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