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Babytumpz 09-24-2011 12:28 PM

Looking For A Pattern - Cable & Bobble
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Hello There,

I wonder if anyone could help me?

I would like a new beanie hat for winter but the one I would like is 17 although I have now been talked into knitting it myself.
I must be mad!! I'm new to knitting but very excited to learn. :)

I have attached an image of the hat I would like to find a pattern for. I've found similar although no bobble on top.

If someone could also identify which wool I would need to knit this hat that would be great.

Many Thanks, Wish me Luck!

salmonmac 09-24-2011 04:22 PM

Here's a free pattern from Ravelry (free to join) that comes close. It will at least give you directions for cables and bobbles although the placement is somewhat different. It's knit in worsted weight yarn so you have a wide choice of particular yarns to use.

fatoldladyinpjs 09-26-2011 11:20 AM

They had a hat similar to it in last month's Knitting Today Magazine. It's more of a slouchy hat, though. You can see it on the cover.

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