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StorminNormans 11-08-2011 11:21 PM

My First Completed Project: A Scarf!
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I have finally finished my very first project! I attached my finished project as well as a before and after of how far I've come with my knitting. Any suggestions on what I should try to make next?? :)

Antares 11-08-2011 11:27 PM

Very nice! And that's some marked improvement there. You should be proud of how far you've come.

As far as what's next, I say find something that interests you and that will KEEP you interested. Then find an easy pattern for it that you like and dive in.

Jan in CA 11-09-2011 12:31 AM

It looks great and I love that color! Isn't it fun to see how far you've come? :)

ArtLady1981 11-09-2011 06:44 AM

It's very nice and even knitting! Ideas on what to knit next? A cowl. A hat. Slippers.

Seamed Fingerless Gloves.

Easy Fingerless Gloves (free pattern at

salmonmac 11-09-2011 09:08 AM

It's a great first project. Beautiful color, lovely knitting and perfect fringe. Enjoy wearing it!

Olha 11-09-2011 10:20 AM

Great job and welcome to the knitters ranks! :) A very nice start.

I would suggest a simple hat as a next project. It gives you a chance to learn how to do ribbing (knit one, purl one) and knit in a round. The same knit stich in a round will make a different texture. Then if you feel adventurous, you can learn decreases to shape the top (which is really just knitting two stitches together) or knit straight and just tie up the top. The best thing you can make anything from a chic slouchy to a wacky hat with a huge pom-pom :)

usamacka 11-21-2011 01:15 AM

How come I can't see it???

Jan in CA 11-21-2011 01:25 AM


Originally Posted by usamacka (Post 1334506)
How come I can't see it???

Well, since the rest of us saw it I'd say it's something with your browser or computer. :think:

aprilbetty 11-21-2011 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by Jan in CA (Post 1334507)
Well, since the rest of us saw it I'd say it's something with your browser or computer. :think:

I can't see it either. I'm using Firefox.

Wanda Witch 11-21-2011 06:47 PM

I cant see it either. ?????

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