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yarn mechanic 04-06-2012 06:37 PM

hexagon socks..need help
hey ladies..i am working the "Star Treatment" hexagon sock pattern in the latest "Knitter's" mag...i can't find help through their site, but the question is this: if you have 6 stitches per circular needle, 3 needles, and you decrease like this: (k2tog, k1), will you ever end up with 2 stitches per needle? i have done the decreases and i have drawn it out and i just don't get it? i can't end up with 2 stitches per needle, as the pattern suggests? any help is appreciated...

salmonmac 04-06-2012 08:12 PM

Well, it doesn't happen very neatly. You can go from 18 to 12 to 8 but then you'd have to k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k2. Can you quote the pattern directions?

RochesterKnitter 04-06-2012 08:16 PM

6stsx3needles=18sts to start

row1: 18/3sts per repeat (k2tog, k1)=6groupsx2=12sts
row2: 12/3=4x2=8
row3: 8/3=2.6=5.3

Nope. Seems to me you can end with 8 or 5 but not 6 and therefore you cannot have 2sts per needle.
I guess on row 3 you could omit one k2tog to leave the extra st and end with 6.

yarn mechanic 04-06-2012 08:40 PM

thank you
thank you ladies! the actual pattern says:
End Round (K2tog, k1) 6 times - 2 stitches per needle...
that is starting with 6 stitches on each of 3 needles by this point. i am just a math sticklar and it doesn't add up and i couldn't find a pattern correction. it's not a big deal..i ended up with 5 stitches total and cinched them up...
i haven't been on this site for a while...thank you! i will tune in more and hopefully pay this forward!!
have a happy easter and remember:
knit fast, die warm! : )

yarn mechanic 04-08-2012 09:59 PM

forgive me!
hey hey! :)

you're offense! i am helicopter pilot surrounded by men all day long...i know stereotypes! but forgive me...knitting is the one thing in MY LIFE where i am actually around more women than men! no offense, but i need that every once in a while!
i knit at work, while i am waiting for my customers....i can't believe how many men know how to knit! awesome! they don't acknowledge it to eachother, but will to me! ; )
so please forgive my slight...but i do believe it was ladies who answered my question! ahahahhaa and happy easter!!

knit fast, die warm!
the yarn mechanic

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