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knittoknit 10-07-2012 11:50 PM

question bout pattern accuracy
Hi everyone, I'm not sure if the directions on this pattern are correct. is a link to the scarf I'm attempting to make:
The pattern says to knit every row. But the picture does not look like garter stitch to me. Can anyone else take a look and let me know what you think? Thanks

Jan in CA 10-08-2012 12:24 AM

You're right, that isn't garter its stockinette. However, the pattern is knit on circular needles so to get stockinette stitch you do knit every row.

knittoknit 10-08-2012 12:29 AM

Well I think I'm doing something wrong then :) cause I have knit 3 rows so far and it is coming out garter. Maybe I did the join wrong, what do you do when it says "join"?

Jan in CA 10-08-2012 12:39 AM

It should be a round loop of knitting. You won't have to turn to do the back.

To join you cast on and make sure the working yarn is coming from the right needle when you do first stitch. You can tell when you do the first stitch that they are joined.

Be very careful when joining that your stitches aren't twisted. Lay the cast on flat with the working yarn on the the needle to the right and align all the stitches. Now pick it up and knit the first row joining the stitches. If you mess up start over. We all do it occasionally.

If you find it hard to join w/o twisting you can knit a few rows of stockinette flat first, ending with a knit row, then join. You can sew a small seam when you're done.

knittoknit 10-08-2012 12:47 AM

Ok yeah I always read about being careful not to twist and found it a little too easy when I was doing it. Mine is not joined then because it is not a round of knitting, there is still an oopening. Hmmm I think I will look for a how to video and that might help me to be able to see it done. Thank you for clearing that up for me tho.

Jan in CA 10-08-2012 12:50 AM

There is a how to video here in the video section. I'm not positive, but I think it's in the advanced techniques section.

The whole cowl is a tube so no matter which way it lays it looks nice.

knittoknit 10-08-2012 12:57 AM

ok thanks again!

suzeeq 10-08-2012 09:43 AM

To join, push the other end of stitches up on the left needle and then knit them; just keep knitting around and around without turning.

knittoknit 10-08-2012 06:54 PM

I did get the join but now I am ending up with one side that has the v shape on one side and the garter look on the other. Is that correct because in the picture it looks like it has the v shape on both sides.

suzeeq 10-08-2012 07:33 PM

The Vs are knits and the bumps are purls. This is a tube that's knit very long, then the cast on and bind off sts are knit together to make the loop. You probably didn't do the provisional (temporary) cast on, but you don't need to do it. If you CO 70 or so sts and joined, then you have the tube. Just knit it as long as you want and BO, then sew the cast on and BO together.

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