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netcore7 06-13-2013 02:35 PM

Jumper Pattern, help please.
Hello, wondering if anyone can help with understanding part of a pattern I have, for the back it's simple, 19 rows of rib specified in the pattern, then an increase row, then a 6 row pattern until 44cm, then it goes on to shape armholes then shape shoulders, leaving some stitches on a thread, that part I understand, the issue I am having is with the front:

it says, Work exactly as given for Back until front is 32 rows shorter than Back to shoulders, ending with a wrong side row.

How exactly will I know when it's 32 rows shorter and where do I stop the rows to make this right?

I hope someone can help me here.

many thanks in advance.

RochesterKnitter 06-13-2013 04:32 PM

That direction is oddly written. Usually, it will say something like "work as per back until armholes" or "work as per back till work measures X."

But, I don't think you need to overthink it too much. Go to the back, which you already worked and count 32 rows back/down from the shoulder. Place a small marker here (different colored yarn) and work the front till you are at the same level/length. Then proceed with the front directions as written.

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