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mgn 07-08-2013 07:37 PM

Pattern Question -- Help!

So, here's the dilemma: The pattern I'm working on calls for a P1, YO, SSK. I'm kind of new to knitting so I found a video that said that you purl as normal, but because the yarn is already in front, you don't actually have to do a YO, you can just go directly into an SSK.

Is that correct? Everything else I've read seems to say to do the actual YO, so I'm kind of confused. And if I have to wrap the yarn around the needle, I'm not sure on the direction coming off of a purl -- CCW or clockwise?

Thanks for the help,


claireweber 07-08-2013 08:36 PM

Hi mgn and welcome to our group! You will need to do the yarnover, we have a video you can watch that will show you how to do it:

Hope this helps :)

GrumpyGramma 07-08-2013 09:12 PM

I agree with Claire, you do have to do a yo. In the video you linked to, she is doing a yo, just in a different way. The whole point of a yo is to have the yarn go over the needle between your normal stitches. As long as you accomplish that, you're golden! Yo's wrap just the same as normal stitches do. (I think that's counter clockwise?) If you wrap the yarn as if you were making a stitch and then position it correctly for a knit or purl that follows, that's all that's you need to do. I learned to do them in spite of all the instructions I tried to follow. :noway: If you end up wrapping your yo the wrong way, just knit or purl through the back loop which is the loop closer to your needle tip on next row. Breathe, relax, and remember, it's not rocket science. You can do it! :eyes:

salmonmac 07-09-2013 05:22 AM

Welcome to Knitting Help!
The video you linked to shows the steps quite well. You don't have to think about a deliberate yarn over, simply bring the yarn to the back for the ssk, over the right needle.

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