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justplaincharlotte 07-14-2013 01:00 AM

Document Design for Knitting & Crochet Designers
Everyone -

Do you think there's a market for design layout for small or new knitting & crochet designers? I've seen some patterns online that look awesome, and some not so awesome.

As a practitioner of both crafts, and a technical writer/document designer by profession, what I look for in a pattern is that it is attractive, easy to read, not visually distracting, and well laid-out so that I can follow along as I work. It's the same thing that all document users want, but don't always get.

I'm tossing my professional hat (so to speak) into design layout for small business Etsy-type designers who want professionally laid out PDFs to sell to their customers.

What do you look for in a pattern?

And if you're interested in this type of service for your patterns, please let me know by private message and we can discuss off of the message forums.

salmonmac 07-14-2013 06:12 AM

When a pattern is well written you don't notice, just proceed with the knitting but when it's badly writtern, what torture.
I always look for schematics and flow. I like to check measurements to make sure I'm on target for the size I want. Do I have to flip pages back and forth to get to charts and pattern stitches? Will it be easier to copy the pattern and have loose sheets to re-arrange? Should I cut and paste the stitch definitions closer to the chart?
What an interesting field to work in! I wish you good luck with joining it to knit and crochet.

justplaincharlotte 07-14-2013 02:26 PM


Thanks for the feedback, it's exactly what I'm looking for! Schematics make construction much, much easier. I believe that a front and back photo for garments are a necessary evil, and that gauge and stitch pattern info belong close to each other. Magazine patterns are often the worst offenders, starting on p.39 only to see a parenthetical (turn to p.72) to find stitch patterns or charts drives me mad. I only wish I had a pattern that I could legally play with...

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