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KnitBeg 07-17-2013 04:08 AM

WIP - leftover yarn - bracelets
Another thing I tried with my leftover yarn, was knitting bracelets. I figured this would be good for the real short leftovers :p

First: just braid - no knitting. I've worn 'bracelets' like this before, but I do realise that it is almost like walking around with just yarn wrapped around your wrist ;) During f.ex. the Summer Olympics I had one braided bracelet in each colour of the Olympic Rings.

It was so long that it could go 3 times around my wrist. And then I had the problem I always have: how to tie a knot that doesn't losen all the time... Not sure, so I just put in a reef knot and wrapped it around a bit :neutral: It hasn't completely loosened yet, but I did refasten it a couple of times.

I've worn it for 2 weeks straight but I wouldn't have done that if I had to dress up within that time.

Then I went googling to find some patterns. The ones I really liked and which are appropriate for the yarn thickness I was thinking of are these. However, I don't have those basic bracelets to put them around and to be honest I don't really like wearing them :think: I do like the look of them though...

So I tried a (braided) cabled one but then whithout the inner plastic/wooden bracelet. And while the pattern said to just sew the edges together to create the round shape, I went for a button and buttonhole because
1) I can't really sew these cables together without getting annoyed by the seam I created
2) The bracelets fits tighter around the wrist this way, as it doesn't have to fit around the hand too.

And flat

I think I would wear this, just not right now as it is summer and it keeps one warm (like a wristband) :cool: Somehow I also think that the feeling of it is off when you wear this on a sunny day...

I then figured I could think up my own bracelet by using a different cable/lace pattern. I chose the Scottish Faggoting Stitch but it did not quite work out. It wasn't as "open" and neat as I hoped it would be and the edge of the bracelet curled. This looked OK sometimes (like a straight knitted edge) but not all the way around :think:
And I tried my hand at the 3 needle bind off, but I think this was an unfortunate choice. The bracelet was way too loose anyway...

So I took it apart again :cool:

I tried some other things, but don't have time to post more right now. To be continued....

salmonmac 07-17-2013 06:53 AM

Excellant! Those turned out really well and look good on your wrist. I like the idea of the Olympic colors, too.

ArtLady1981 07-24-2013 03:47 PM

I totally respect anyone who works hard to use up leftover yarns! It's a very Earth Friendly thing to do as well! Your bracelets are adorable. I'm especially fond of the cabled gray bracelet!

sandylee222 07-25-2013 04:15 AM

These are perfect! I just can weave with thread.

KnitBeg 08-04-2013 08:38 AM

I've been so busy (with knitting a.o.t.) that I haven't uploaded this thread for a while :wall:. Stupid, for now I really have to think back to recall what I've done...

After the failure of the Scotish Ajour Cable I did try another with a HaringBone pattern. I played around with the width, but was never quite satisfied. This is the finished product:

As you see, it curls like mad. So I pinned it out to show how it looks a bit better:

Not that impressive... :shifty:
I tried it on.

Nope, not what I imagined. So I tore it apart :mrgreen:

Then, instead of focusing on different (cable) stitches, I switched to experimenting with I-cords (And I went crazy :roflhard: ). More about that later.
I did do one bracelet with a lace pattern, as I liked the headband and wanted something to match. I'll post that one later in the thread I have on hair accessoiries. Hopefully within the next 24 hours... I don't have a procrastination problem... :---

claireweber 08-06-2013 02:37 PM

I especially like the one with the button.

KnitBeg 08-10-2013 02:12 PM

I've been practising Icords the past month or so and finally have the time to post the result. :yay:

My first try was a red, 4sts Icord. I made it long enough to go around my wrist a few times - and it turns out that this is also a perfect length to serve as a hairband:

Round my wrist:

I then picked my grey thin yarn and went on trying all sorts of things, getting inspiration from google image with the search "Icord, bracelet". Here is a picture of them all:

FIRST is the longer Icord, which goes around the wrist about 4 times. Mine is about 16cm, so I went for 4x16=64 and an additional 2cm per side for the button - 68cm in total.
I just put this Icord double and sew the ends together with a button on top:

Wearing it:

NEXT, I wanted to make one with loops on both ends, like this. However, as my yarn is this thin (and so are my needles) it didn't quite come out like that. :pout: The loops get a bit lost while wearing it:

It goes twice round the wrist, so one might go for 16x2=32cm - but there is some overlap (I chose 4cm) so I knitted a total of 40cm. Just sew the ends together and bind a loose thread around it to form the loops. Sew a button on one side:

That should do it :cool:

THIRDLY, I just used the fact that I had 3 shades of grey - no, not 50 :rofl:.

I braided the yarn ends together and here's the result. :cool: Front:


A FOURTH idea was this beautiful love knot bracelet:

I had to try a couple of times to get the knot right, but I figured it out. :cheering: The dark grey Icord is not 32 but 33cm long as I figured the knot would take some length away. The light grey Icord was 11cm on my first try (1/3 of the length) and I quite like how that worked out. As for the knot itself: first sew together the 11cm Icord so you get a circle. Then for the first half:

And the second:

Then I just sew the dark grey Icord together. You can also use a button and a crochetet chain loop if you have wide hands and a small wrist - that way you won't have to stretch the bracelets too far.
I also made one that is 'just the opposite':

I am quite surprised how much I could make with my grey yarn - I still have some light grey left, but after making a few bracelets for some friends I'm finally through with the dark grey :cheer: And all that out of such a small ball!

KnitBeg 09-26-2013 05:37 AM

I used the grey yarn again, this time not on an I-cord but with an actual pattern: WaveWristlet I knitted the conventional version (3 row repeat) and used 4dpns size 2.5mm. This was my first "knit in the round", or at least the first I completed:

I think I might try knitting a little looser, for the feather-and-fan pattern doesn't really stand out, just the waves. On the other hand, this is a snug fit and knitting less tight might make the bracelet too wide.
As for knitting on dpns: I am surprised how it turned out, you can't see that clearly where I switched from one needle to the other while it seemed such a gap while on the needles. :???: But that is a good thing :cool: I went for 18, 16 and 20 stitches per needle - though I was trying to go for 3x18 but I miscounted and figured it was OK as long as the amount per needle was even (for the k2tog stitches). But somehow I did switch one stitch over to another needle :eyes: No clue how I managed that.
I also think I started the 3th row 2 one needle too early, but I'm not sure as I didn't notice untill the end that I was one needle short of my starting point :?? Not sure what happened there, but it doesn't seem to really stand out - the last row of feather-and-fan is hard to see.
Furthermore, especially in the beginning, I noticed how one of the needles I'm not knitting with got into the habit of turning vertical - almost taking my eye out in the process. I know, I shouldn't be bent over the work like that but when I focus I just go nearer and nearer - not a good posture.

I'll post "the real thing" in the WingSpan thread, as this bracelet is meant as an assecory for that Shawl. It might take a while...

BTW I've made some other bracelets that I haven't posted yet (I-cord again). I'll try to find the time this weekend.

KnitBeg 10-03-2013 05:40 AM

OK, here we go: another bracelet made with I-cords:

The bracelet is "strengthened" by iron wire inside the I-cords. Or maybe strengthened isn't the word - rather "pre-shaped".

I tried to knit the I-cords around the wire, there are plenty of how to's to find online about that. I couldn't make it work though, so I just slipped the metal wire in right before the binding of.

When I had 3 I-cords of (nearly) identical length, I sew them together. Then I had to form the still flat bracelet to fit neatly around a/my wrist. This turned out to be the hardest part and I don't think I succeeded that well. It should be circular, but it is quite angular:

It doesn't look good on the back:

Not sure what to do about it. It appears that the I-cords are a bit too short. I could reshape the wires, but I tried that already and this really is as good as it gets - or I should find a metal pipe as wide as my wrist and just shape the bracelet round it with a hammer. I don't think that's good for the knitted fabric...

I thought about 'pimping' the bracelet with crocheted flowers or beads, but as it stands I am not sure I'll ever wear it so I'll brood in it for a while :cool:

jinxnit55 10-03-2013 11:36 PM

These are all really neat!

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