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Olha 08-13-2013 02:05 PM

FO: Black and White Socks
Hello, knitters.

I have a little story with these socks that features a new animal to match the socks :)

I didn't do a very good job changing colours... for some reason the yarn is pulling and it looks like the socks have a seam on a side. But otherwise they are a nice beginning of "manly" sock collection for my son, who absolutely didn't mind wearing socks in happy pink, purple and orange colours before.

By the way, the Flikr changed a few things around (I only use it for KH) and it took me a while to figure out how to fish out the photo link :)

salmonmac 08-13-2013 05:53 PM

Love the conversation and the socks. The stripes in black and white are indeed very manly. Well done! Always nice to see your posts, Olha.

Jan in CA 08-13-2013 06:56 PM

Love the story!! Those look great! Did you try a jogless method? I find I'm doing a lot of helix stripes which are single row. No crossing of yarns, no jog, no pulling of yarns at the join. It just works.

Olha 08-13-2013 09:05 PM

Thanks! I lurk here from time to time, adore other people's projects and pull myself away from the computer :)

Olha 08-13-2013 09:08 PM

Thanks, Jan, and what are helix stripes? I did the jogless method and it worked fine, but maybe three rounds were too 'tall", and I had to go with two? I think for very contrast yarns like black and white thin stripes can make you dizzy, you know? :)

justplaincharlotte 08-13-2013 10:39 PM

What a sweet story, Olha, and a delightful pair of socks! They grow up so fast, don't they?

GrumpyGramma 08-14-2013 12:47 AM

Thanks, I needed that story today. The socks are definitely masculine. Little feet are so cute.

sandylee222 08-14-2013 03:55 AM

Love the white and black streaks, very nice!

Olha 08-14-2013 08:19 AM

To GrumpyGramma -- you are most welcome. Also, your signature made me laugh :)

JudyD 08-14-2013 09:21 AM

Nice to hear from you, Olha!
Great story!
Love the socks!
Working with black yarn usually makes me crazy but am making a black stole for my daughter and actually enjoying it!


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