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debminerva 09-08-2013 12:45 PM

Flower Coasters
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I'm a novice crocheter and I feel like I get easily confused about posts and chains and stitches. But I still want to make all the cute things. :)

So I found this free pattern on Ravelry. I finally sat down last night and made one. And then I was hooked! [pun intended].

While my husband watches football this afternoon, I'll be starting another set!

GrumpyGramma 09-08-2013 01:07 PM

Those are beautiful! :thumbsup: Anyone who can do those can crochet just about anything.

salmonmac 09-08-2013 06:56 PM

Maybe you were a novice crocheter! Those are lovely coasters and very professional. Well done.

Ronda 09-11-2013 06:16 AM

I've recently tried to teach myself crochet (I'm a knitter), and I've found it difficult. These are gorgeous! You did a great job!

DogCatMom 09-15-2013 09:13 PM

Nice work! And you *say* you're a beginning crocheter? I sure wouldn't've had the nerve to try anything like these when I was a beginning crocheter!

Well done! Maybe you should start thinking about...a bedspread? By the end of football season (don't forget the playoffs), it might be ready to sleep under. :)

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