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susieq29 11-08-2013 01:34 AM

Pattern Help
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I am making a cape. See instructions below. I have put in parts of the pattern I am not sure of what it means.
First in the tip 3 it says dec in a 1 st Rep Row Resp. I am not sure what this means.( the Dec in a 1 st.) Then Rep Row Resp.
See pattern instructions below. I read it as 1 stitch decrease each row? or am I decreasing all across the row.
Then tip 4 dec in a 1 st Repeat row (points) Over 11 stitches. This is done over a marked stitch. Where does the 11 stitches start from?
Is it the marked stitch ? it says 4 stitches each row so I assume it is at the 4 marked stitches.
I start with 327 stitches and end up with 43st I am trying to figure out how the decreases work.
Neckslope full fashion decrease on both sides. Does this mean both sides wrong side and right sides? Or both sides of the same row?
I am going to chart out this pattern before I start.

Note if you click on the small print it will get bigger these are jpg. attachments.

Any help is appreciated. I wanted to do something that was a challenge.

salmonmac 11-08-2013 07:01 AM

It certainly is a bit of a challenge. For both tip 3 and 4, follow the directions given after the equals sign. The pattern is telling you how to work the decrease called for even if they have a somewhat cryptic name for the decrease (resp probably means right and left edge, respectively). For example, for the right edge, work one edge stitch, k3, k3tog. Both sides refers to the front edges, on the right and the left edge. Work all the dec on the RS rows (right side as opposed to wrong side [WS] rows).
The dec are given for the front edges with a repeat every so many rows. There are also dec at the 3 marked sts every so many rows. It'll help to keep track of these decreases with separate row counters or with a pencil and paper since some are occurring at the same time. The dec don't go across the row, only at the marked sts or the front edges.

susieq29 11-08-2013 03:12 PM

You helped me confirm what I thought. Could not get the # of decreases I needed to end up with the 43 stitches. Just realized tip 4 is 4 decreases per marker. The cape looks real easy in the picture until you read instructions. Thank you again.

salmonmac 11-08-2013 05:31 PM

Well, yes, you do get drawn in by the photo and this does read like perhaps a translation. And yes, the decreases are all double decreases. It works out to 284sts dec leaving 43sts.

susieq29 11-08-2013 07:32 PM

OK. When I started to make my chart of counting rows for each decrease. It turns out the 8th and alt 4th row for the neckline slope is the same row as the first decrease every 12th row. Where do I do the decreases for the neckline slope. I thought it was at the 2 center markers. But then on the next step tip 4 there is a decrease again on every 12th row at the markers. So I am very confused as to where to decrease for the neckline slope.
If it helps in the diagram the top measurements are missing
From right to left at the first line is 56/60 ------------ from the first diagonal line to the third line is 24/27
from the third line to the start of the slope 30------------from the end going to the left side is 26/30
I tried to put the drawing in with these measurements so you can see them but the site is not letting me do it.

So it works out that on every 12 row there are 3 different decreases on the same row?

I think I just figured it out. I reread it and it says front part edges every 12 row 2 sts so I will do that first. Then after the 8 times I will start the neck slope on each end and at the same time decrease at the markers.

salmonmac 11-09-2013 05:40 AM

You've answered your own question. Yes, decrease at the edges only until those dec are finished and then decrease at the edges and on either side of the 3 marked sts.
Love to see a picture of this cape when you finish if you'd like to post a photo.

susieq29 11-09-2013 08:03 PM

I will do that. I also have my pictures on Raverlry of previous work.

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