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jpenguin 11-26-2013 12:16 AM

Pattern Help
My sister found this pattern on Pintrest and would like for me to make it for her. I have found it on Ravelry but have never seen instructions like it. It is just a chart that I have no clue how to read. I I have been crocheting for 30 years and it has me stumped.

Can anyone help me figure out how to do this?

DogCatMom 11-26-2013 10:29 PM

This is a key to the almost universally used crochet stitch symbols.

Japanese patterns almost never have text instructions; their designers know that few non-Japanese people read the language. So they've developed crochet charting to a level most Western designers haven't (although Interweave publications are giving it a good run for its money).

Just as a starter, find "Row 1" of the body of the Wrap near the bottom of page 2 on the charted pattern. (There's another Row 1, but it belongs to the decorative border. More about that later.)

Each little oval beneath the "body" Row 1 represents one chain stitch, the 136 cast-on chain stitches. Note that, as in knitting charts, the odd rows are worked and read from right to left, and the even rows are worked and read from left to right.

"Row 2" is immediately above Row 1. Your eyes are not deceiving you: not all of the Row 1 chain stitches will be worked into. Now proceed with

Row 1. dc in 5th ch st from hook, (ch 1, dc into same ch st) twice, ch 1, sc into 4th ch st from base of 1st dc. (You have made half of a fan.) Then ch 3.
Now make a full fan: sc into next foundation ch st, (ch 1 dc into 4th ch st from sc) 6 times, ch 1, sc into 4th chain st from base of dc sts. Make 15 full fans (the number of repeats is from the page 1 schematic).
Finish Row 1 with another half-fan. This one is slightly different from the half-fan that began Row 1; this one has 4 dc sts rather than 3 dc sts.

Row 2. ch 2, sc in first ch-1 sp (ch 2, 2 dc in 3-sc picot sp) twice, ch 2, sc in center ch-1 sp of first Row 1 full fan. Repeat across the row, ending with a sc in the "loop" that was created when you made the first dc in Row 1, and then make 1 hdc.

These two rows together make the Pattern Stitch.

When the body of the Wrap is finished, you'll make sc sts into either each ch st all the way around or into each ch sp all the way around, then make two more rows of sts. The first decorative border row consists of dc and ch sts; the second contains dc sts and ch-3 picots.

HTH; it will look beautiful when it's done! :)

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