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silverspirit 01-02-2014 08:43 PM

Printed yarn
Hi, I just have a question about multi-coloured yarns today.
I've got with me a skein of this yarn (the multi-coloured version, mine is a mix of white-grey-brown). On the knitting that I'm doing the colours appear as random streaks of colours and it's not really a problem for me.
Then I came across this and the sample swatch they had at the store shows Fair Isle colour pattern, not just random rows of colour.
It got me curious, how does one know what the gauge is to be to make the pattern appear? Is that the same one as the suggested gauge on the yarn info? And can all multi-coloured yarn produce a pattern of their own?

I'm sorry if that was confusing and/or I'm mixing up my vocab, I don't often do knitting talk.

GrumpyGramma 01-02-2014 08:54 PM

It's magic. Mere mortals such as I aren't allowed the secret.

I think that the pattern is based on a given gauge for a given length of row. Sock yarns that produce a pattern would be based on rounds of knitting that will fit a typical foot. Not all multi yarns will produces the FI looking patterns, some are self-striping. How do they figure it out? Now I'm back to it's magic. I wonder what Google might reveal.

GrumpyGramma 01-02-2014 09:05 PM

As I've wondered about this I did consult Google and didn't find a lot. There's some interesting info here about hand dyed yarns. I guess it would be more or less the same as what the big manufacturers do just on a small scale.

salmonmac 01-02-2014 09:06 PM

It's partly the gauge but perhaps more the length of the rows or rounds. Printed sock yarn is meant for the relatively short rrounds for example. i've seen baby hats and sweaters in these self-patterning yarns and the results are truly magical.

ABC's Mom 01-03-2014 07:46 AM

Each hand painted yarn is unique. I have a book by Laura Bryant that actually shows you how to figure out what the repeat length of the colors are and how to figure out where to start on the yarn color wise to get what pattern in the garment. She calls it the magic number.
I have looked at how to do this but haven't sat down and figured out how to actually do it to get the results I want.
I do know that at my LYS I've been told to change skeins every few rows with hand painted yarn to avoid the pooling that makes weird blotches show up that aren't all that attractive in a garment.
Hope this helps.

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