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yjackson 03-10-2014 01:42 PM

Beginner - help with blanket please.
I am a beginner and I am making a small baby blanket. I have knit(ted?) 25 squares 6 x 6.5" and I now need to stitch them together. I have watched the mattress stitch videos and I really am very bad at it. Is there a certain way the blocks need to be turned? They look the same (right and wrong side). Cast on vs cast off side ?? Any advice would be appreciated. TIA!

knitcindy 03-10-2014 05:01 PM

Do you know how to crochet??? If it was me, I'd crochet some of the blocks together into strips. Then crochet the strips together. I'm MUCH better at crocheting than mattress stitching!!

Then again, that's just me.

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