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GriffinKnits 03-13-2014 04:35 PM

Help with YO and skp
I recently bought a pattern off of etsy and I am having problems. It's a cost on of 29. I'll post the first line of chart so u have an idea.
Knit, purl, yo, skp (called single left dec in pattern), k2tog,yo,k,p,p,k8,k2tog,k,yo,p,p,k,yo,skp,k2tog,yo ,p,k

My problem is that I keep ending up with 28 st. I think that it's got something to do with the yo, skp, k2tog combos.

I figured that I'd ask here then go to local knitting shop


salmonmac 03-13-2014 05:42 PM

Welcome to Knitting Help!
The line that you quoted requires 29sts and should leave you with 29sts. There are 5 yo's, 2 skp's and 3 k2tog's so those all balance out. Make sure that you're doing each of the incs and decs correctly. There are videos for each on the Glossary page.
Here's a video for the yarn over after a purl which might be causing a problem. I'd make sure that after each yarn over, you have a loop over the needle and that it doesn't get mixed up with the slipped stitch for example.
Knit, purl, yo, skp (called single left dec in pattern), k2tog,yo,k,p,p,k8,k2tog,k,yo,p,p,k,yo,skp,k2tog,yo ,p,k

GriffinKnits 03-13-2014 07:15 PM

Will watch video again
Thanks for the tip. I started this project over a dozen times each coming up with not enough stitches. I have been very conscientious about The yo's I thought but I'll try again. I've watched a bunch of videos on YouTube also. Frustrating for sure but I'm not quitting just will keep at it. Thanks

GrumpyGramma 03-13-2014 08:12 PM

When you've worked this row if your count is still off, start at the beginning and look at each stitch individually and read the pattern row. The first stitch is knit, does it look like a knit, then a purl that should look like a purl, then your skp dec. Continue on and see if you can identify each stitch on your needle and see if it matches what the pattern says. Learning to read your knitting will be a great help.

DogCatMom 03-17-2014 12:10 PM

It's also possible that the pattern contains an error. I, too, added up the stitches in your original post and reached 29. A cast-on of 30 stitches, in that case, would be an error.

Does the pattern provide a chart, or are all the instructions written out in words?

If there's a chart, count the boxes in a couple of rows to see whether there are 29 or 30 of them. :)

Also: there are many patterns on the Net that haven't been tech-edited, or sometimes even test-knitted and/or proof-read. :mad: Did you check other patterns by this designer to see whether there was feedback on them? Ravelry is a good source of info on designers and their patterns: are the designs good? are the instructions accurate? and so on.

Hope it works out soon. :)

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