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sgtpam 03-30-2014 03:10 PM

Fulled Pocket Purse - QUESTION (S)
I found this and couldn't wait to get started. Since it's a new technique, I started with just some practice yarn. The technique uses 2 circular needles (not majic loop) to sort of "double knit" the pockets. Here's the link

Round 7 starts the pockets. K10 on Needle 1 with color 2, no problem. Then comes my first question
--on needle 2 (empty needle), CO10 with color 1 :?? Do I use color 1 coming from needle 1? Or should I use a separate ball to start on needle 2?

When I first read through the pattern, I thought it would be easier to use 2 balls of each color; but, when I started to CO needle 2, I wondered if that would end up being a problem because it says that the pockets are formed by crossing over the yarn...from one needle to the other. But how do I CO to the empty needle from the yarn on needle 1:think:

It's on Ravelry, too...but, i guess nobody decided to knit it because there aren't any projects-so no answers from that resource.

So...anybody? Thanks in advance

salmonmac 03-30-2014 03:48 PM

It seems that you should use the same strand of color 1 to cast on the sts on needle 2 (the righthand side of the circular). You'll be doing this around the needle for the set up row. But it might be easier for this first cast on to use a new strand of yarn. The worst that happens is that you have 2 extra ends to weave in. I tried a small sample and it seems that one of the things to watch out for is that the newly cast on sts don't twist.
Try it with the same strand and see if you can get that to work first and if not, start with a new end.

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