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KnittyGrittyNYC 04-13-2014 12:18 PM

Hi Everyone!
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself I suppose, My name's Michael and I'm an avid knitter in NYC. Im self taught and I've been making things for about 8 years now. Im currently in the process of finding a way to make knitting more of a way of life than a hobby and I'm exploring all facets of the process from spinning to dyeing to technique. Im excited for the journey and can't wait to learn more from a community.


Daylilydayzed 04-14-2014 10:03 PM

Welcome to the forum Michael. I also belong to Knitting 's forum where we have many men members who knit there. Come join us there!

salmonmac 04-15-2014 05:25 AM

Hi Michael and welcome! Glad to have you join us. it's a great idea to turn knitting into a way of life.

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