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Dima 05-15-2014 03:34 AM

Framed Crochet #9
Here's the latest one in the now big collection.

Enjoy. :cheering:

salmonmac 05-15-2014 05:55 AM

Dima, each one is more beautiful than the last. What lovely colors for spring.

smeldsgang 05-16-2014 12:11 AM

Another GORGEOUS wall decoration!!!!!

Are you using a pattern or do you make it yourself?

nonny2t 05-16-2014 10:45 AM


irishsweaters 07-14-2014 10:33 AM

You are seriously talented, an artist! :cheering: I am just need to knitting just on here looking for ideas and seeing what others are up to. I will be working on my irish aran scarves over the coming months! Nothing colorful or fancy about that but your work is inspirational to new knitters like me.

nonny2t 07-15-2014 08:39 PM

They are all so very, very lovely.:inlove:

GrumpyGramma 07-15-2014 09:14 PM

Another show stopper!

Finally! I could see this in all its glory. My internet got really boggy and until I switched I couldn't load your photos. :sad:

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