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XtopherCB 05-29-2014 04:40 PM

stitch visualizer?
been really on a roll lately, looking at different stitch sample sites. some great ideas out there with patterns, videos, etc.

unfortunately, haven't found a site yet where you can input your variables/pattern, and have it 'visualize' the stitches for you (ie, generate a picture).

anybody know of such a thing, or do i just have to wait for a star trek holodeck? ;)

Jan in CA 05-29-2014 05:22 PM

Uhh...never heard of anything like that. Sounds interesting, get to work! :cheering:

GrumpyGramma 05-29-2014 07:05 PM

Charts can sort of do it. You could draw it on graph paper. Get Scotty to beam you up.

XtopherCB 05-29-2014 07:21 PM

yeah... may have to study up on how to read/draw charts... the knitting charts i've seen so far are just a jumble to my untrained eye.

XtopherCB 05-30-2014 08:48 PM

ha. ha-ha. ha-ha-ha. do it myself... ha. ;)

actually, i kept looking further and found Knit Visualizer software from Knit Foundry ( it has a big paid version, but also free/limited-feature versions for both windows and mac. i downloaded the windows version and tried it out... tons of stitch options, grid sizes, color choices, instructional notes for insert, etc. it's less "here's what it could look like" and more "here's how to write a pattern for others that's Excel-based" than i'd hope for. what it does is help you create the stitch grid pattern, not actually create a picture.

so you'd still have to know what the symbols mean, and how to count them all out appropriately, etc. will take some learning on my part, but it's a start, and i thought i'd mention it here in case anybody who already knows how to create and read those patterns is interested in making their own for patterns and stitches they've created.

will update this as able if i DO find the 'dream sequence' kind i actually have in my brain...

salmonmac 05-31-2014 07:10 AM

Thanks, good to know about the program.
There's also a nice chart reading tutorial on the site.

justplaincharlotte 06-02-2014 09:12 AM

Try the closest thing we have to a holosuite for knitting: stitch maps. Might be what you're looking for...

XtopherCB 06-02-2014 02:51 PM

charlotte - i am gonna hug you and kiss you... or at least figure out how to knit some huggy arms and big red rolling stones lips... after just a little trial and error, i got stitch maps to work... posted what my pattern for my krazy kowl (from should look like in my ravelry projects: many many many thanks :)

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