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taranw 11-23-2004 11:24 AM

Need help with abbreviations
I was looking at a pattern to make a scalloped scarf, and in the instrucions it states "row 1 (rest)......" What does the (rest) mean?
Thank you kindly :D


amy 11-23-2004 12:07 PM

That's a new one to me. It's not in any of my books, and I even did a complex google search, and found no patterns with that term.

Perhaps it means a row of straight knitting or purling? (ie. a "rest" from the pattern) ???

If we could see a picture of it, and the instructions, we may be able to figure it out for you. Or you could try contacting the designer.


ArtLady1981 03-22-2007 03:09 AM

Elsebeth Lavold uses the term "resting row" meaning..."work the stitches as they present themselves"...for example: the previous row had patterning/cables/stitch manipulations....the resting row will not have working stitches...just knit the knits and purl the purls as they present themselves.

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