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koolbreeze 03-31-2005 08:19 PM

I must be stupid
I have never felf so dumb in my entire adult life! I cannot knit. i don't understand the directions either! What is really going on???? :( I am felting a pair baby booties...starting off small figured i could do that... I don't get the drections... here they are for the sole.

cast on 3 sts
1. Knit 3 sts
2. K1, Inc. 1, Inc. 1 (5st) This will be the right side all increases and decreases will be done on this side.
3. K Knit what? 1 row or one stitch? if row how many stitches?
4. K1, Inc. 1, K1, Inc. 1, K1 (7) Now i see 5 stitches!
5. K
6. K1, Inc. 1, K3, Inc. 1, K1 (9) 7
7. K
8. K1, Inc. 1, K5, Inc. 1, K1 (11)9
9. K
10. K1, Inc. 1, K7, Inc. 1, K1 (13)11
11. K
12. - 29 Knit 9 more ridges (18 rows). 15 ridges from cast on.this is really confusing!!!!
30. (right side) K1, K2TOG, K7, K2TOG, K1 (11)huh?
31. K
32. - 35. Knit 2 more ridges (4rows) 18 ridges???
36. K1, K2TOG, K5, K2TOG, K1, (9 st.)
37. K
38. K1, K2TOG, K3, K2TOG, K1 (7st)
39. K
40. K1, K2TOG, K1, K2TOG, K1 (5st)
41. K
42. K2TOG, K1, K2TOG, (3st)
43. Slip 1 (as if to knit), K2TOG, Pass slipped stitch over. (1)
I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

koolbreeze 03-31-2005 08:28 PM

My momjust explained it to me...i still feel dumb!

KellyK 03-31-2005 08:30 PM

Carmell, sweets....starting small does not mean small objects! Baby booties are HARD!

Try a scarf....all rows in knit stitch (garter), then maybe something (a SQUARE something) in stockinette (knit one row, purl the next). As you are doing it, watch how the stitches form. Then try knitting a swatch or a dishcloth with simple increases or decreases (like THIS ONE) and watch what happens to the yarn when you do those things. As you learn each skill, the next ones will become easier to understand.

If you build slowly, you will have much more fun with it & feel a sense of accomplishment. I PROMISE. :thumbsup:

koolbreeze 03-31-2005 09:23 PM

see i thought i would do a swatch or something... and i couldn't get past the second row. i kept getting this funky loop on the end. well my mom told me to ignore. so i did and now i can go on!!!! i also did a swatch in just knit and i guess it was right. i guess i am getting there.

KellyK 03-31-2005 09:33 PM

Absolutely, you are getting there.....I know its easy to get discouraged, but, hey, we've all been there! Read any of my posts about the "makes me wanna cry rug"'ll see what I mean.

Just keep making square things (and your mom's right about the weird's a tension issue that DOES go away as you become more consistent) until you feel GREAT about your squares & then try something new.

koolbreeze 03-31-2005 09:58 PM

ok thanks :inlove:

Hildegard_von_Knittin 04-01-2005 01:11 AM

I agree! Small is not always Easy (logic says it should be, but if life was fair there'd be clowns and cotton candy). Try this scarf as a first project... it's very easy and straight forward.

ekgheiy 04-01-2005 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin
... but if life was fair there'd be clowns ...

I completely, vehemently and flagrantly disagree. :rollseyes: :| :rollseyes: The mall (and world, for that matter) would a much better place without them and their stupid f_<k!n9 balloons!!

ekgheiy 04-01-2005 12:32 PM

*sigh* .... I'm getting a headache now ... :verysad:

Jivewhistle 04-01-2005 03:20 PM


Just wanted to say I'm like SO close to you!! :happydance: I'm in Fenton, just on the other side of the city from you. We should get together at a yarn store or something! I've never been to any yarn stores here, I've just bought mine at Michaels. But I've heard Knitorius and Hearthstone Knits are good stores. We should preferably go when I have more money though..loL. I'm also a new to knitting too. I've made a couple scarves, a hat, and dishcloths. I've been busy with other things so I'm not even knitting anything now....I gotta change that soon!

:XX: :XX:

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