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Nuno930 04-09-2005 08:21 AM

Knitting into yarn overs
The first time I ever did this was with the Baby Ugh bootie. She specifically said (DIY Network) to "knit into the back of the stitch" when you came to a yarn over. I just realized that this is the only time I have heard or read about this. So now I am wondering.... am I supposed to knit into the back of a YO all the time??? Or was that something special just for those booties?

Wow, that was a lot of wording and back story for one simple question :shifty:

MrsBear87 04-09-2005 10:24 AM

Yarn Over/Knit into back
You can use yarn overs for a number of reasons and in different stitches - especially lace knitting. So, no, you don't always knit into the back of a YO. is a good link to learn about all kinds of increases, YOs and more.

Hope this helps!

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