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kk 04-11-2005 12:31 PM

Stuck on pattern
I have this pattern that I donot understand what to do with. I have done the back & am stuck at the front where it says: "Continue diividing for raglan & DIVIDE FOR NECK as foloows: k2tog,patt 20[23,27.31],....
can anyone explain it to me please?
I've attached the pattern.
Thank you. Happy knitting :XX:

[Sorry KK, I had to delete your attachment, since it violated copyright regs. I hope you got your Q answered. If not, feel free to quote the part of the pattern you're wondering about; just not the whole pattern. Thanks! ~Amy]

JessicaSant 04-11-2005 10:45 PM

"Continue diividing for raglan & DIVIDE FOR NECK as foloows: k2tog,patt 20[23,27.31]"

this means that you should knit 2 stitches together, then continue in the established pattern for the given number of stitches.
(The pattern was established earlier: K one row, K1 *P1 K1bw repeat from * til last two stitches then P1 K1)

Hope that helps!

PS -- you might want to remove the copy of the pattern you uploaded to your post -- it violates the copyright that's printed on the bottom of the patttern. (and you never want to upset all those pattern people ;) )

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