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Sevolnam 04-16-2005 04:34 PM

Beginner Needs Help

I am a new knitter and I was hoping that I could begin a knitting relationship with an exprienced knitter for instructions, especially when I get stuck on instructions...

I've just registered and I'm not sure that I have done any of this correctly... I look forward to a response and a possible instant chat to let me know I'm on the right track...


jessmoor 04-16-2005 04:42 PM

Hi Sevolnam! Welcome to KH! :D I joined for the same reason as you - a new knitter looking for guidance & help with problems - and I have not been disappointed! (In fact I just posted a question that's been bugging me with a project I'm working on ;) ). It is really easy to post questions and have them answered (although its not immediate, but requires checking back regularly). I've also found this forum to be a great resource for cool patterns, ideas, encouragement, and other fun knitting stuff. I look forward to seeing you around (on the forum :D )!

KellyK 04-16-2005 09:04 PM

You're on the right track, Sevolnam....just post your questions, you might even do a search on the subject you are having trouble with & see if your question has been answered before...and you will get answers asap! :thumbsup:

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