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foothills 05-18-2005 12:27 PM

Cascade Pastaza-felting
Has anyone experience felting with Cascade Pastaza? My handbag pattern calls for Cascade 220 (using 2 strands) and I was told that only 1 strand would be necessary using Pastaza. What do you think?


Hildegard_von_Knittin 05-18-2005 09:11 PM

Okay here's infor for pastaza
Chunky-weight 50% llama/50% Peruvian highland wool
132 yard / 3.5oz. (100 gram) skeins
4 sts = 1" on 9 US needles (5.5mm)

and for 220:
100% 4-ply worsted-weight wool
220 yards / 100g skeins
20 sts = 4" or 10cm on 7 US needles

Soooooo.... just so it looks even:
20 stitches of the pastaza = 5 inches
20 stitches of the 220 = 4 inches

I would say thatyou could get away with using only one strand of the pastaza. Why not knit up a swatch and see how it turns out (i know, i'm a swatch freak)

KellyK 05-18-2005 11:29 PM


foothills 05-19-2005 06:44 AM

Hilde...I'LL SECOND KELLY'S OW!! Actually, I lurked over at another forum to find out what others thought of Pastaza and apparently, some of them :heart: it for knitting over Cascade 220 because it isn't necessary to double. I envy those of you who swatch...I suppose I'm just too impatient to swatch since I haven't done anything more complicated than hats, scarves and totes yet.

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