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HeatherFeather 07-07-2005 03:47 PM

Pattern Conversion
attempt 2

I want to make a poncho that calls for a different yarn that I want to use.

How do I go about making the conversion. The yarn the pattern calls for is a smaller guage than the yarn I want to use I believe.

Pattern calls for Berroco Plush, I am using Patton's Bohemian.

if I were to figure out guage with what I do I then make the conversion that way? I'd make a swatch, and then figure the math out somehow... there a circular pattern out there using the guage that the Patton's bohemian would work for??? I guess THAT would be the easiest eh?

thanks for any help I can get!!! :)

Ingrid 07-07-2005 03:58 PM

Actually, I think you can do it mathematically. Work a gauge swatch with the yarn and needles you want to use. Figure out your st per inch and multiply that by the number of inches in your pattern. So if you want your garment to be, say, 50 inches around, you would multiply your st per inch by 50 and that would tell you how many to cast on for 50 inches.

Now this works for sweaters that you knit in the round where there isn't any real shaping. I honestly don't know a good way to figure in your decreases/increases if you have a shaped garment. Hopefully, this will give you a place to start, though.

HeatherFeather 07-07-2005 04:08 PM

I failed math have given me a LOT to go on, but the most important thing is "sweater"'ll go in search of a turtle neck sweater with the Bohemian, and use that for the turtle neck....:) I can do the rest of it, as it is very forgiving. 2 increases in the front, and 2 in the back until it is done (the length I need).

THANKS!!! There is ALWAYS more than one way to skin a cat!!!!!!!

Hildegard_von_Knittin 07-08-2005 12:36 AM

If your worried about the math, just post the gauge the pattern calls for and the gauge YOU have of the yarn you want, and we can walk you through it. (i'm a math dork, btw!) Are you still going to do the poncho?

HeatherFeather 07-08-2005 11:08 AM

Nope....not still doing the poncho, cuz it's FINISHED!!!!!!! :) I didn't do the hood, and did a turtle neck instead. My digi camera is out of batteries right it'll be a bit before I take a picture...but it is SOOOO cool!!! :) well HOT can't wait to wear it!!!

Ok...I also looked at the yarn side by side, and the reccomended needle size is one off. So, even if it isn't exact, I don't think it'll matter "much"...

the plush says size 10 needle and the bohemian says size 11...

but I'll work up a swatch today, and get back...THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

HeatherFeather 07-08-2005 04:29 PM

well............lookie here...

3 sts = 1; 5 rows = 1 in Garter St on size 10 needles.
This is what the Beroco Plush pattern says the guage needs to be....

be still my heart...

and MY

3 sts = 1" could it BE????????? I am however working in stockinet stitch....

I can with almost all the guage the same.

xxx fingers that it IS true!!! :) :cheering: :X:

Hildegard_von_Knittin 07-08-2005 07:35 PM


Hildegard_von_Knittin 07-08-2005 07:36 PM

actually, on the other hand, I would knit a swatch in garter, just to be safe. Usually our purl stitches are different from our knit stitches, so not having any purls might affect your gauge.

HeatherFeather 07-08-2005 09:18 PM

well....I am doing it the round...soo...I did a BIG I chord...but didn't pull there were no purl stitches in there. I "think" I am still safe....the neck looks about right, and really the rest I am not too terribly worried about....just being able to get over the head, but not HUGE in the process!!! :)

THANKS so much for your help!!! I'll snap a pic of it when I get it done. I should have it done in about 2 or so weeks. I am picking up the rest of the yarn this week for it.

Now..for a project to do at the pool tomorrow!!!

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