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joyt 07-08-2005 09:47 PM

Where could I find a free pattern for leg warmers? XXL size?
I have a disabled family member who would benefit from leg warmers. Is there a web site suggestion for patterns or directions based on calf messurements?


feministmama 07-08-2005 09:54 PM

Can you knit in the round? An easy way to make leg warmers would be to measure the leg around. then knit a swatch of watever yarn yer using and count how many stiches per inch you are knitting. THen cast on however many stiches per inch by the circumfrence of the leg. Then just knit in k2p2 in the round to desired length, bind off and voiila.

joyt 07-09-2005 12:49 AM

knitting in the round
I have limited use of circ needles. The swatch, should that be done in 2x2 rib or straight knit to obtain proper gauge?

many thanks

Ingrid 07-09-2005 10:08 AM

Whatever the final product is going to be is the stitch you will use for your swatch, especially in this case, where your gauge will determine your number of stitches.

knitqueen 07-09-2005 11:23 AM

I know this isn't technically a free pattern, but Stitch 'n Bitch Nation has a great basic leg warmer pattern. I don't own the book but I was able to access it from our public library, perhaps you would be able to do that?? Even if you just have limited experience on circular needles, you would be able to do this. No increases or decreases, just knitting round and round and round. The size 'L' has a finished circumference of 17.5" at the upper calf.

joyt 07-09-2005 11:45 AM

Thank you very much!

regards, :XY:

joyt 07-13-2005 11:24 AM

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A free knitting pattern for a pair of all purpose leg warmer found online here:

I will add sts to make up for the size I need and length, the gauge swatch will help me to figure that out!

Thank you for all the help.

joyt 07-16-2005 03:26 PM

coming along
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I have increased sts to make the leg warmers larger and I am working double yarn on size 11 needles to bulk up some baby yarn. One skein of Lion Brand Jamie in White and one skein of Bernat Baby Coordinates in Soft Mauve. I just added the two needle sizes together and knitting them on straight needles rather than circs. My circs are all 26" just too long.

I will post another photo when the pair is complete.

Aello 07-17-2005 03:58 AM

Very nice :thumbsup:

I plan on making this for my MIL, she has been searching for a pair for as long as I have known her.

joyt 07-18-2005 01:46 AM

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I am happy. These have knitted up quickly and are very easy. I can't beleive I gave them so much thought at the start.

My son threw one on to model for me.

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