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Ellen Edwards 11-21-2005 04:25 AM

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I finished a pair of socks for an adult finally!! I've actually knitted a few pair now, but neglected to snap pics of them before I gave them away.
This pair is on Sz.2 bamboo dps in Sockotta Self-patterning sock yarn. They are for my dear DIL, who is less than 5' tall and wears a size 3 shoe! :shock:
The other Fo is just a simple red hat--Red Heart acrylic - for my grandson, David. :heart: :heart: It'll need to be washed often, I guess, hence the acrylic.
I did it in about an hour on sz. 7 needles.
I've also finished a Booga Bag in 2 colors of WOTA--avocado and some dark pink--I think maybe it was Cranberry--I loved the two colors together and it was a fun knit.. IT hasn't been felted yet though!! :crying: I'm sorta scared to!!!

My WIPs include a pair of socks--on sz. 2 bamboo dps, in Regia self-patterning Patriotic colors from THe Knitters Handy Bopok of Patterns by Ann Budd. And a scarf in stripes of Eggplant and Pistachio of Red Heart Plush--it's really yummy and soft. It's just a ribbed scarf that I made up to do. It's done on sz. 8 needles, but it's coming along slowly. Perhaps that's bcause it's for my dear, dear SISTER-I-L...but of course, that couldn't be the reason, could it?? Hmm... :rollseyes: ANd I have several scarves and pairs of socks to get done before Christmas--I finally ordered some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Socks yarn--I just wanted to TRY it!! Now, Rebecca, you've got me pining for that Karaoke for a scarf!! I really want to do a Kitty Pi for my baby, Scraps-- :blush: but WHERE is the TIME going , PEOPLE???? We MUST SLOW IT DOWN!! :inlove:

Angelia 11-21-2005 07:53 AM

Those look fantastic!

:cheering: :cheering:

I LOVE the colors you're using for the booga--on my monitor they look like mustard and ketchup! :inlove:

If you figure out how to slow time, we'll all appreciate it very much :D

I've tried knitting faster, but that's not working so well...

KellyK 11-21-2005 08:42 AM

Ellen...they look GREAT!!!! Dont be afraid of felting....its SO much fun & we're all here for moral support!

dustinac 11-21-2005 09:56 AM

:cheering: Everything looks wonderful love your colors on the booga!!

kemp 11-21-2005 09:57 AM

Very nice. The colors of your booga are great and you'll have so much fun felting!

Ingrid 11-21-2005 05:42 PM

Wonderful job on all!!

rebecca 11-21-2005 06:14 PM

:happydance: :happydance: Everything looks great! I love your booga colors...don't be askeered to's fun ;)

Carol_OH 11-21-2005 06:43 PM

:cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering:

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