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Hildegard_von_Knittin 12-31-2005 07:08 PM

KH Monthly Challenge--January
A new year, a new month and a new KAL all at once! Fabulous!!!!!!!!

Since it's *technically* still December, I'm locking this thread until tomorrow when I crawl out of bed, which might not be until noon central time, or so. SO NO HARASSING OF THE HILDIE will be ALLOWED!!!! :roflhard: I thought I'd better post tonight so that all you knitty kitties (as my DH fondly refers to us) don't get your yarn all in a tangle when it's not up at 12:01am :D

I'll give you a hint though.... it's winter-y!!!! ;)

KellyK 12-31-2005 07:35 PM

Neener neener neener! I can unlock topppics!! :P

Julie 01-01-2006 06:32 PM

Had fun last night, didja Hildie?? ;)

Hildegard_von_Knittin 01-01-2006 06:39 PM


I was up earlier, but had to take a nap :-)

I know everyone got lots of FUN knitty gifts for their holiday celebrations. I *also* know that lots of us went to year-end clearance sales. Between that, and other trips to the LYS or knitpicks this year, I'm sure that your stash is OVERFLOWING, like mine is (ask KK, she's seen it. It's out of control).

Since it's January, and technically winter just started, you might be looking at a long season of cold weather ahead. But you've also just made lots of stuff for winter holiday gifts, and don't have a lot of time to invest in major prijects (especially since so manyof you are doing the sweater KAL!)

So many problems.... what's a KHer to do?

Well, the Monthly Challenge is here to rescue you! It's time for the STASH BUSTER!!! Knit yourself, your kids, your SO*, your pet, your neighbor, your mailman, or your whatever a stash--busting winter accessory. Hats, scarves, mittens, fingerless gloves, wrist warmers, etc. The only requirement is that you do NOT buy any yarn for your project--use what you already have!

The book OddBall Knitting has lots of great small projects for stash-busting. But you can also use your own creativity :-) Add some of that funky leftover novelty yarn to the cuffs of a hat, or hold three or four strands of yarn together to knit a super bulky scarf.

Prizes will be given** for the most busted stash project. Get those nedles going, and happy knitting.

*significant other... I was trying to be PC :-)
**that's a virtual prize, BTW. I am just a poor teacher you know!

Hildegard_von_Knittin 01-01-2006 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by Julie
Had fun last night, didja Hildie?? ;)

:oops: it was a later night than I expected :oops:

Jan in CA 01-01-2006 06:53 PM

I don't have as big a stash as most of you do since I'm still fairly new, but I did buy some extra yarn in colors that I shouldn't have at this is cool! I will see what I can come up with!

KellyK 01-01-2006 06:58 PM

I feel a sweater for Howie coming on.....made with a skein of the woolease that was given to me by a coworker about 4 months ago!! :cheering: From my Knitting For Dogs book!! :happydance:

(I was about to start it today, as a matter of fact, but I dont have sz 5 DPNs... I can buy NEEDLES, right? With the LYS GC I got for Christmas??)

Jillle 01-01-2006 07:40 PM

Do you know of a sweater pattern for a tiny chihuahua puppy? Does Knitting for Dogs have one by any chance?

WynnieG 01-01-2006 08:28 PM

Jillie, you'll find a stellar one here at the Friends of Wylie Chihuahua gallery. Follow the link at the bottom of the page.

I wish I knew how to expand the thing, I'd love to knit for my beagle, Owen. Thing is, he's a bit on the...husky side. We've had him two weeks (rescue dogs rock!) and we're trying to get him slimmed down. When he came into the rescue program from the shelter he was about 50lbs... mostly muscle, but still... he's only a 15" beagle.

KellyK 01-01-2006 09:18 PM

Knitting for Dogs has some great patterns and pretty good advice about how to fit them to your dog. Its worth a trip to Borders to page through it!

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