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Kirin 01-13-2006 04:47 PM

circular needles and double-pt needles--interchangeable?

I have a pattern for a simple hat which calls for double-pointed needles. Would it be OK for me to start this on a circular needle of the same size, and then to shift everything to the double-pointed needles after a couple of inches of knitting? I think I'd be more comfortable about not dropping stitches if I could start on the circular needle.

Also, how do you join stiches on a circular needle? I knit a hat and when I finished casting on I just continued by knitting in the same direction. However, I got a gap at the bottom edge, which I'll close up by sewing. Is this the norm?


Ingrid 01-13-2006 04:56 PM

As long as your stitches fit on the circ, you can use that for as long as you can and then switch. One way to avoid a gap is to overlap the first and last stitch of your cast on, basically take the last and first stitches off their respective points and switch them. I generally just use the tail from my cast on to close any noticeable gap--simpler.

Kirin 01-13-2006 04:58 PM

circular and dbld ptd--interchangeable?
Wow, Ingrid--you're amazingly fast and clear in your responses. Thanks for the help.

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