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misskris130 01-15-2006 09:20 PM

top shaping on a ribbed hat
i'm working on my first pattern right now and i'm a little stuck. :thinking: it's a ribbed hat, and i got the 1st 5 1/2'' done. but i'm stuck on where you begin the top shaping. it reads:

round 1: *ssk, p1, [k2,p2] 1 (2,4)x, k2, p1, k2tog* repeat around

i know you ssk, p1, then k2&p2 once, but i'm confused after that. help is greatly appreciated!!!

much thanks,

*edit - mod squad was here*

Ingrid 01-15-2006 10:21 PM

The number in brackets are usually for larger sizes. So if you were making the larger size, you'd do it 2 times, and largest size would go 4 times.

Since it appears you're doing the smallest size, you can ignore what's in the brackets.

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